Have you ever dreamt what it would be like if you had your own villa, somewhere in the Mediterranean?

What if that dream could come true?

What if I told you my family business does exactly this? Materializes dreams…

So, welcome to our villa!

My name is Giorgos Alefantinos and I have studied Civil Engineering at the Technological Educational Institution of Serres, Greece. My father, Minos Alefantinos, has studied architecture in Milan, Italy, many years ago. Both him and I team up to transform the interior and exterior design of a space into a work of fusion, combining old with new.

Old buildings, with valor, stand great and grand, yet are left neglected from the passage of time. At this point, my father and I intervene and give a fresh air of life into these structures. The warm feeling of tradition remains, while embroidering a modern edge and style into the foundations.

An example of this is Villa Euphoria, where pictures can be found here. As a visitor of our villa you will find our spacious rooms to be well equipped with all the extras you expect to find.

I hope we can provide you with the best experiences during your time in Crete. So, please feel free to contact me, or any of the team, to ensure we can help you and make your stay even more memorable.

villa euphoria eot